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Hairstroke eyebrows (or microblading) is a type of semi-permanent makeup where your new eyebrow shape is constructed out of individual hairstrokes.

This semi-permanent eyebrow treatment allows for newly created eyebrows to look most natural.

Your semi-permanent makeup artist will choose the best shape and colour to suit your face and will consult with you throughout the procedure to ensure you are receiving exactly the eyebrows you’re looking for.

Naturally, we use a special anaesthetic to ensure the maximum comfort during the procedure.

Here is how we create perfect hairstroke eyebrows / microblading at PMU.London:

  1. We invite you for a free consultation to discuss the best options for you, go through a simple registration form, and do the patch test. In exceptional circumstances we can offer to do the same online and the patch test could be posted to you by Royal Mail
  2. We book the treatment day and you pay the booking fee to secure your booking. Booking fee is fully refundable if you decide to cancel or move the appointment at least 1 week prior to the appointment day
  3. You’re given a special pre-procedure advise sheet to ensure you come fully ready for your new eyebrows on the day
  4. As parents ourselves, we love children, but we kindly request that you don’t take your little ones with you on the treatment day
  5. On the treatment day our PMU master will discuss the shape and colour of your new hairstroke eyebrows with you, and demonstrate you how they will look on your face. Your “before” picture will be taken.
  6. Once you’re 100% happy with the suggested shape and colour, our PMU master will apply the anaesthetic and will proceed with creating your new hairstroke eyebrows. Your “after” picture will be also taken.
  7. The procedure of creating your hairstroke eyebrows / microblading takes about 2 hours.
  8. On completion you will be asked to pay the remaining amount; we take cash, cards, and PayPal
  9. About the pictures – we totally respect your privacy and ensure all our records are stored safely. But we kindly ask that you allow us to publish the “before” and “after” pictures on our website and Facebook page in order to demonstrate our skill to our new clients and followers
  10. After your procedure you will be given an after-care advise sheet and kit
  11. Your next appointment for the free touch up will be booked in 4-6 weeks time. The touch up is free but is an essential part of the semi-permanent makeup procedure. Please kindly note in case you miss the touch up appointment we can not be responsible for any imperfections of your new hairstroke eyebrows. Please kindly note in case you miss the touch up appointment we will be able to book a new one for an extra booking fee of £50
  12. Hairstroke eyebrows (or microblading) normally lasts for approximately 1.5 years depending on health and lifestyle. There is an option to keep them almost permanently by doing a colour boost every 12 months or so. Please contact us to book your colour boost appointment. Please kindly note we can only offer colour boost to PMU.London clients.